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Yesterday and today (part 2)

After that, all of these machines were replaced by a huge computer...... (part 2 )

I should point out that we were behind almost 10 years in the computer technology; therefore I did not have the opportunity of knowing most of them though the majority were made for specific applications.

This huge computer needed a air conditioning room so the computer (relays) do not overheat, again one person in charge of his own application, there were no connections with other computers and the memory capacity was less than today's pocket calculator.

Routines were developed for repetitive processes. computers were then working on isolation and there were no connection with any other computer o terminals outside of the data processing section within the company. After that the computers starting to be a little smaller in size but more powerful or more reliable, changing from noise electromechanical switches, to quieter and more reliable vacuum tubes computers though was a bit slower but mach more reliable.

Our job consisted in knowing a computer language to decipher the information on a determined space within an array (array is the structure of items spaced equally in a computer memory) fixed size sequential elements of the same type.

Several computer languages start to emerge to better handle the information an making it easier for the programmers, languages like Fortran, Cobol, RPG well as defined routines for repetitive tasks which were stored and used over and over as needed.

As the computers starting to get smaller and more powerful, more and more sophisticated languages and applications were introduced.

Then the concept of connecting computers and share same important information and resources .....

Telephone and Social Media (part 2)

Rotary phones were very popular and fashionable, the imagination of phones shape and designs were as it pick. Beautiful designs decorated most houses. Social media was intensifies and more convenient in terms that now you can get up to date with the about of families and friend without having to travel long distances to communicate, just been in the comfort of your house. It was much easier to organize a party or a family gathering, at the beginning most houses could afford only one telephone placed on a strategic spot, as the phones began to drop in prices due to competition within manufactures and telephone companies lowered their rates to increase its customer base, we could afford a second and even a third one.

Touch tone was a new innovation of phones (sort of speak, cause they did not change much on the way they worked) I found them less attractive than the rotary ones, but then again the phone manufacturers were quick to come up with different models and design.

The telephone technology was advancing leaps and bounds, after the touch phones we had and probably still have in most houses the cordless phones, these phones gave us the freedom to go anywhere we wanted as long that the signal was in reach, these phones have a master base which also contains an answering system.

This phone we had and yet have to have because gives the opportunity of privacy and freedom so it was always with the owner to answer or call anyone even in the back yard. Usually we have more than one phone communicating with the master base, one phone per room if possible.

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