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Wedding Bells

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Our daughter is getting married! Oh my God! My precious princess is going to get married! My wife anxiously waiting, shout at me one afternoon at the portal of our house, when she saw me getting home from work. Very emotional, with watery eyes and tears she could hardly contain, she hugged me tight extremely excited. I was cough off guard on her contagious emotional state of happiness. Immediately, wedding bells started ringing in my head. Then, as practical man, I knew that is going to be money involved in it, but then, I instantly thought, my daughter deserves the best. Money, I was not worried about. But, who is going to capture the marvelous memory moments in her wedding day? Who was going to make the video production to commemorate the fulfilling incredible moments of the most important day of our life and the life of our daughter?

Sharing this wonderful news with John, one of my coworkers, he told me with a big smile on his face “being there”, “done that” You can’t give this unique precious memories moments just to anyone, come to my house tonight and I will show you the outstanding video production and photographs of my son wedding memoirs, I ‘m not going to try to convince you of anything, just come and see for yourself.

That night, after watching John’s son wedding video and photographs, I was extremely impressed, how this team of talented professionals could capture so many touchy, incredible emotional and happy moments on one video production: the adorable moments of the couple’s childhood, the funny and gracious way as their relationship grow from the start, the wedding ceremony, reception and so for… Then, I ask John, who are these guys that made this wonderful video? Viva Voce Marketing Group, they do incredible things in Video Production, Photography, Graphic design, Marketing and communication through a variety of social media, like: You Tube, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook among other things, also E-mail Marketing and Blogging. Check it out for yourself, give them a call or better yet, here is their contact information (

After leaving John’s house, I was completely stunned with emotional feelings and ideas I gather from that video production, I was really seeing myself proudly walking down the aisle, with my stunning white dressed daughter attached to my left arm, going straight forward to her fiancé who was nervously smiling, waiting for her in front of the altar of our beautiful community church. Then, I realize that I was getting confident that Viva Voce Marketing Group was not going to miss any of those incredible unforgettable emotional moments.

“VIVA VOCE Group is Edmonton’s premiere Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management and Social Media Content Production firm. Edmonton’s only Social Media Marketing, Management and Content Production firm with our own in-house production staff, making all you photo, video and graphic design needs a one stop shop away. CONTACT US NOW to set up your consultation, whether you are looking for an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, ongoing multi-platform Social Media Management, high quality Social Media Content Creation, or all 3 services, we have what you need.”

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