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The New SONY RX100 iv

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Point and shoot/pocket cameras usually aren’t anything to brag about, they are good for shooting mediocre imagery and subpar video, that until the emergence of the new SONY RX100 IV.

Coming in at approximately 101.6mm X 58.1mm X 41.0mm (4 X 2 3/8 X 1 5/8 in), the RX100 IV is a pocket size device that packs on hell of punch. In the world of sensors, the larger the sensor, the higher the image resolution. This bad boy carries a 1.0-type (13.2mm X 8.8mm) Exmor RS CMOS Sensor, aspect ratio 3:2 (20.1 MP), this will definitely make for some stunning professional quality photos.

This little gem is also capable of shooting super slow motion video in three distinct shooting modes, 960/1000fps, 480/500fps (slow motion video in HD) and 240/250 (slow motion video in full HD.)

The icing on the cake definitely has to be the fact that the RX100 IV ca also shoot video in 4K, to give you stunning footage that as close to real life as possible. In addition to that, this handy little gadget can also capture 16.8 MP pictures while shooting in 4K, allowing you to catch stunning high quality stills as you shoot. The down side is that you can only shoot in 4K for 5 minutes at a time… but hey, for a standard point and shoot, this is definitely a jump in the right direction.

With a price tag just shy of $1000 (MSRP) the RX100 IV is one hell of a pricey accessory, but is definitely worth every penny in our opinion.

For more information and a full range of specs on the RX100 iv CLICK HERE


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