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Powerful tools created to communicate and increase awareness of products and services for new and existing customers garnering website traffic and attention through strategic use .Viva Voce Marketing Group is an organization with its own in-house production staff that creates, analyses and maintain your marketing strategy and needs through cinematic video production, such as YouTube Commercials, corporate videos, Photography, Events, Social Media Banners and Promotional Marketing events.

Lets look a two powerful platforms highlighting their strength and how they attract attention for organizations!

Facebook or Instagram

Instagram is becoming the best platform for marketers to interact with consumers. Research shows the app is boasting roughly 60 times higher engagement than Facebook. Instagram was built for the modern-day user. It’s an intimate mobile-only application that creates space for engagement. Its simplicity actually makes it hard not to engage. To interact with your customers more effectively, increase your activity on Instagram you can expect a much higher rate of engagement. Facebook is more text oriented a place to host your information, your photos, your resume, your activities and locations, is all about identity, placing emphasis on text first, image second. The more you describe your photos, work and education history, activities, and interests, the better Facebook understands you.

It is time to reinvent some social media strategies but Facebook and Instagram are two very different ways to tell your story. You must determine if it’s worthwhile to create a companion narrative (link, photo, and video) to be successful on Facebook … or determine if a simple photo is all that’s needed to keep your community engaged. And if it is a photo, then Instagram is the place for you.

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