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I am almost 70 years old and I have yet to see a UFO, a Bigfoot, a Ghost or even an enchanted house, but I have seen companies come and go, losing all the startup monies and effort in the process, one of the reasons is the lack of planning and not having a clear understanding that a strategy and a vision are so important that can make or break a business.

To run a smooth and well-lubricated business or to open one, you need some sought and knowledge to succeed.

Questions you should ask yourself to fulfill your business goals and desires.

Does your business is in need of exposure?Need to get closer to your customers?Do you want more engagement with your customers?Do you want to be trusted in providing exceptional customer service?Do you need more likes in your web page?Do you have a strategy that will get you to achieve your goals?Do you have a social media marketing strategy?

So, the analysis of processes and market strategies are one of the most important parts of any business, whether you are opening one or have an established niche within your operation!

Do not look for help out of this world, seek professional aid within your surroundings. In Edmonton, there are very few marketing companies that have all the ingredients to get your business to the level that you dream of.

Social Media Marketing and Management, Digital/ Online marketing, Customer video production, Live Streaming and Event Coverage, and Highlights are the complete packages to make your business a successful one.

“VIVA VOCE Marketing Group is Edmonton's premiere Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, and Social Media Content Production firm."

Edmonton’s only Social Media Marketing, Management and Content Production firm with its own in-house production staff. All your photo, video, and graphic design needs in a one stop shop.

CONTACT US NOW at or give us a call at 780-784-VIVA (8482) to set up your FREE consultation. Whether you are looking for an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, an ongoing multi-platform Social Media Management team, high quality Social Media Content Creation, or all three services, we have what you need.

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