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Small Business Success

In my opinion, to succeed in a small business there are certain unwritten rules that are a must.

Strategic Management. Creating a business and strategic plan for your business and making sure you keep to it.

Marketing. How to market your business through traditional channels, web and social media. Face Book, Instagram, Messenger.

are some of the platforms you should have or explore. Do you have the right logo or brand? Branding is one of the most important part of your business, you want your company to be recognized as soon as they see your brand or logo.

Financial Management: where to find financing and how to manage it once you’ve sourced it.

Basic Accounting: which records to keep, how to keep them and how to file them.

People Management: hiring your first employee and how to manage them.

Sales: how to complete a sale and look after your customers.

Operations Management. Choosing and managing your suppliers.

Does the idea of improving your business appeal to you? Have you done your homework? Have you research the market to identify the product or service you are providing or going to provide? Is Edmonton Big enough to have an adequate clientele that will grow over time?

To start a business you have to have the desire of creating one and not just been self-employed. There is a difference between creating a business and being self employed, in business you expect the company to grow and eventually you will have personnel that work for you and run different areas of the business, creating for you some independence. As a Self-employed on the other hand you are solely depending on you to earn a living, having a hand full of customers and with no expectations or desire to grow.

Before start a business there are certain questions that need answers, such as:

Do you have the monetary resources to start? Have you research the different finances options?

How are you going to market your product? Will you sick advice from a professional marketing company or will you promote the product yourself? How to take advantage of social media marketing?

Have you though of a brand or logo? Branding is a very important component of a company.

VIVA VOCE Marketing Group is Edmonton’s premiere Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management and Social Media Content Production firm. Edmonton’s only Social Media Marketing, Management and Content Production firm with our own in-house production staff, making all you photo, video and graphic design needs a one stop shop away. CONTACT US NOW to set up your consultation, whether you are looking for an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, ongoing multi-platform Social Media Management, high quality Social Media Content Creation, or all 3 services, we have what you need.”

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