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What is engagement? Simply put is the interaction between your company and the audience! Ideally your brand would be recognize as soon as they see it, you can achieve that by engaging with everyone whether is related to your business or not.

Engage, engage, engage and engage! Is the key to have your brand recognize by everyone, specially those that are your present clients and customers, and the ones you want to targeted in the future. The more you engage the better relationship and understanding you will have with the market you are targeting!

The idea is to get the customer / client to participate in the evolution of a brand, this way the client will take some ownership in the creation of marketing events, engagement occurs when the client recognize your brans as soon as he/she see it wether is through a sponsorship, commercial advertising or any other method of communication.

Some methods of engaging with your client community is through social media such as Facebook, linked in, messenger, instagram, WhatsApp, twitter etc.

keeping true to your brand and engaging with customers will bring trust and relationship therefore you will get more views and more likes which will translate into more sales and more recognition.

To keep things concise, here are a few of the key overarching principles of Engagement Marketing to keep in mind:

A relentless focus on building trust

Embracing strong two-way communication

An exchange of value

Focus on Relationship

A long-term view (since buyers are as much as 90% of the way through the buying process before they ever reach out)

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