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Business Lunches: Top 5 Edmonton Locations.

Business Lunch: A lunch with other business people or customers where business is discussed.

A business lunch, is a very effective sales tool. Done properly, business lunches will lead to fruitful ventures and long lasting business relationships. Well, how does this work exactly? Here’s the key… PLAN AHEAD! You have to do some “recon” and find a place the fits into the PSM check list, what’s PSM you ask… Parking, Service and Menu!

i. Parking

The last thing you want to do is invite a potential client or a valued existing customer to “the perfect restaurant,” and have them go through a parking nightmare. First impressions are priceless, and if their first impression of you is them scouring for parking to no avail, or come out to a parking ticket, then you probably won’t be getting that call back, or you’re well on your way to losing a client.

ii. Service

Prompt courteous service is a must! The last thing you need is having to wait around for lazy servers, or having to fend off overzealous one too. What you need is well trained servers who are able to read the mood of the table and know when you interject and provide said service. The best waiters and waitresses will pick up on the right cues to come and take your order, refill your water, and know to bring both courses out at the same time in order to avoid that awkward situation where you have to get halfway through you meal while your clients watches.

iii. Menu

The menu is very important. You want a place that offers a number of different options that span a number of different culinary genres! FORGET YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT! Pick a location that has a nice clean cut palatable menu and medium sized servings. It’s a good idea to go online and check out what is on the menu then plan what you are going to order as well. That last thing you want to do is to glare at the menu and waste precious time you could use to engage your client, on picking your food item.

So, in the spirit of making the choice simpler for you, we went ahead and scouted a number different places for you and this is what we came up with…


Coming in at number one, Nineteen is definitely the place you want to go to woo those potential clients, and impress you current customers. Armed with a menu if full culinary creations paired with outstanding service in a comfortable atmosphere, the Nineteen experience can be summed up in just three words: SIMPLY GREAT FOOD! Ranking the highest on the PSM checklist this should be your choice of restaurant for the ultra-successful business types.

2. The Parlour

Number two on our list, Parlour is an Italian Kitchen and Bar where modern meets tradition, and what a perfect marriage it is. With ample parking in close proximity, courteous staff that stay on top of things and a diverse menu that will have something for everyone, Parlour will definitely make an awesome impression with the business casual types who love a clean cut laid back setting that still manages to provide A+ service

3. Central Social Hall

Coming in at a close third, Central Social Hall is an awesome mix of fun meets formal. Their menu is very palatable and leaves nothing to be desired. Location is awesome, and parking for patrons of the restaurant is ample. This is the place to go if you want to score big points with the younger entrepreneur types. Special mention goes out to their Sunday brunch!! A delectable selection of offerings that you have to try. We recommend it…

4. Blue Plate Diner

We love Blue Plate!! Their service is impeccable and their menu is even better, but the came in at number four because the parking is a little challenging at times… Located on the ever busy 104st, Blue Plate offers a cozy setting for you to enjoy a meal and talk business with very little distraction. We have had a number of meetings here personally and have found it to be a good pick, minus the parking, but all the other winning qualities redeem them on this short coming!

5. Remedy Café

Our fifth place goes out to the ever so popular Remedy Café! With an unrivaled selection of organic and gluten free offerings, this is definitely the place to take those clients who enjoy ethnic flavorful cuisine. The service is prompt, courteous and jovial. The atmosphere is laidback, clean cut and fun. This is definitely the place to take you more “enlightened” clients, and trust us, they’ll love it!

Remember though, lunch isn’t always the option to go with… Sometimes a good old cup of tea or coffee is an economic and safe bet to take. Not only that, but with coffee, you can engage in conversation a lot faster, and forego the meal entirely, giving you more time to build rapport and get to know your client better. With this in mind, we had to add a Credo to the list! With a brilliant selection of teas and coffees, you’re sure to make a good impression with anyone you bring there.

Now that you have a couple of places to consider for your next business lunch, remember these two golden rules…

Put the technology on hold!! Switch your phone to silent and put it out of sight. Even if your client tends to their phone, don’t reciprocate in this behavior, make sure that you are fully engaged and getting as much information as you can.

Treat the staff well… How you treat other people is usually a close indicator of how you will be with your clients. Reward good service and overlook bad service. No one likes a bad tipper, I mean NO ONE!

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