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A 12 years old boy start filming himself and a buddy with an old VHS family camcorder, and in the process destroyed all the family movies that his father treasured so much. Little did his father know that he enjoyed clowning around and being an on-camera host. Who would have thought that filming his buddy playing guitar would spark his passion of filming in the future. He continued to do that at a young age until his father realize that most of the family memories were being destroyed.

Over the years the bug for filming and doing music videos grew to the point that he when to Toronto and studied Filming and Television Post productions at Trebas Institute, while working in the film industry as a background actor. Wanting to learn more about the industry he came back to is family in Edmonton and enrolled at NAIT. He got a degree in Radio and Television and did his first music videos, with NATO & TOUCH.

To make a living he incorporate weddings videography into his trade. Soon after, he start doing a few commercials and videos for small companies, working at the beginning from his apartment unit, until had enough clients and was able to rent a small office space.

He started going to different events to meet people that have the interest of filming or getting filmed for business purposes. He met a few individuals and created a bit of a network among the entertaining and business industry. Even his father got to observe him filming musical events, realizing that his son was very good at his trade. He started to get a name for himself and created a company that he named “Tiburon Films Inc”. He was doing good but there was something missing. Marketing is an essential ingredient to grow as a business and Tiburon Films needed to strengthened that end of the business.

While creating his TV Show Activ8 he met Mukai Maromo, a Muay Thai fighter that was in the process of starting a social media and event business, "SocialLyte." The two decided to join forces and created Viva Voce Marketing Group. Tiburon Films was to create the content and Sociallyte to distribute via social networks and a successful company was born. Viva Voce Marketing Group now is composed of 6 employees and has clients such as Volvo Edmonton, Henry Singer, Granville Casino and several others.

Viva Voce has quickly become one of the leading Marketing companies in Edmonton. Viva Voce is actively searching for new business clients and adventures that would elevate them to yet another level in Edmonton and Alberta.

“VIVA VOCE Marketing Group is Edmonton's premiere Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management and Social Media Content Production firm."

Edmonton’s only Social Media Marketing, Management and Content Production firm with it's own in-house production staff. All your photo, video and graphic design needs in a one stop shop.

CONTACT US NOW to set up your FREE consultation. Whether you are looking for an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, an ongoing multi-platform Social Media Management team, high quality Social Media Content Creation, or all 3 services, we have what you need.

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